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As of September 2015 I no longer sell any carving bars or carving equipment. All sales are now handled by Rob Gusthart. Please visit his website - www.Gustharts.com

I'm now retired, but would like to thank past customers for their business.

Specially designed from the best materials, these precision bars bring a new versatility to the hands of the chainsaw carver. For general blocking-out I use a normal chainsaw and bar, but the narrow profile of the end of a carving bar allows curving cuts to be made. With some practice it is surprising what can be achieved that would not be possible with a conventional bar. Another advantage is the small bar tips virtually eliminate the risk of kick-back, which makes some of the work much easier. I could not carve without them now.

Two types of bars are of interest to carvers: the Quarter tip (size of 50p piece) and the Dime tip (20p piece). Both types take 50 gauge chain, which must not be run tight. With the Quarter tip you can use either 3/8" or 1/4" pitch chain, (you can use 0.325, but it is not recommended). Dime tipped bars only run 1/4" pitch chain. Quarter tip bars are available in 8, 12, 14, 16 and 20 inch lengths, and Dime tips come in 8, 12, 14, and 16 inches.

I use two 16" Quarter tip bars with 3/8" pitch chains. One is on a larger saw, which I use for the heavier work and the other is on a small saw for lighter cutting. Small, or more detailed work, requires a Dime tip. Cannon carving bars were not available in the UK when I first started using them and, because I found them so good, I became the sole importer. Because of the limited market I normally stock 12", 14" and 16" Quarter tip bars and 12" and 14" Dime tips (see photo below); others can be ordered. The quality is excellent, but please note that while a carving bar will make a carver's work easy, it will not make a carver.

Caution 1: It is not recommended to use a carving bar on any saw over 40cc, as the power delivered by larger saws can be too much for the lighter chains used for carving.
Caution 2: Use only oil that can maintain its properties of lubrication at the high temperatures that can be generated at the bar tip. Not all oils can do this and serious damage can occur if the wrong oil is used.
Caution 3: Take time to run in a new bar and chain, as excess heat can be generated until the newness wears off. Avoid cutting with the top of the bar whenever possible and rest any bar that overheats until it stops throwing off black oil.
Caution 4: With a Dime tip bar it can be necessary to grind off the heel of the cutters to enable boring. Doing this will increase the risk of kick-back, but it greatly reduces heat, wear and effort when boring. This also applies to Quarter tip bars, but to a lesser extent. For more details click here.
Caution 5: Because carving bars have a solid nose, the chain must not be run tight. However, this does not mean that it should be so slack that a knot can be tied in it. A slack chain will cause two "dimples" to form on the rails on the underside of the bar just behind the tip. Friction is the enemy, and to keep this to a minimum the chain must run freely and be well lubricated.
To adjust the tension begin with the chain too tight and gradually slacken until the chain runs freely. Once this point is reached, stop, because further slackening will be to no avail. As a guide, the tips of drive links on the underside of the bar should not be clear of the rails.
With a worn (especially overheated) chain the links can sometimes partially "seize up" and the chain will appear to be tight until pulled away from the rails.
Experience is the best teacher.

Chainsaw with Cannon bar fitted Cannon bars size image

Anyone interested in a course on carving by one of the country's best carvers go to Mick Burns' website www.chainsawsculpture.co.uk.

Insurance for carving. Anyone looking for public Liability insurance for carving should contact Ian W. Wallace on 0800 919359, www.craftinsurance.co.uk or E-mail at iwallace@ianwwallace.co.uk.
Please note that this cover is for carving only and the applicant must have a chainsaw certificate.

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